Bulletproof Webhosting Plans for Your Business

Available Hosting Plans

Standard Features on All Plans

  • All the disk-space you need to store your website & files
  • All the bandwidth you need for a fast website
  • Unlimited Domain email addresses (no need to buy from your domain provider)
  • Personal tech support
  • Disaster recovery included if your website is ever hacked
  • If you need a WordPress blog I'll install and configure it for you
  • Regular backups performed for you
  • All software and plugins kept up to date for you

Local Reach

$29.95Per Month
Most Popular
  • If you own a small businesses that only serves your local area and you only expect that level of internet traffic, then this plan is perfect for you.

National Reach

$59.95Per Month
  • If you have a business that serves the entire country and you need to accommodate that level of internet traffic, then this plan is for you.

Global Reach

$89.95Per Month
  • If your business serves the entire global market and you have a high level of internet traffic, then you're going to need this plan.

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