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WordPress Security


Is your website running from WordPress? If no, well you may still want to pay attention in case you ever decide to. If you site is running on WordPress, I have a question for you:

Do you update your Word press instance with each update release?


Since version 3.7, updates happen automatically in the background. However, this can be disabled. If you didn’t install WordPress yourself, and don’t receive update notifications, then you need to make sure that updates are definitely happening. This is crucial! Updates to WordPress are often released to sure up a security vulnerability or issue. If you wait too long to update, it can make your WordPress instance an easy target for many hackers. I’ve actually seen blogs hacked before, and it isn’t pretty. Some are easy to fix, others require far more drastic measures to clean up. Sometimes it can even be a total loss.

Of course, one thing you can so to avoid all that mess is to keep your WordPress instance updated. That’s not the only thing you can do, but is essential, and highly effective. The other things that you can do to secure your site are probably better discussed in a different post. I’m likely to bring the issue of security up again later, and discuss it in more detail. For now, remember to to keep your WordPress updated, and change your password often and only use long and strong combinations. This also includes any Theme or Plugins that you may be using.